Cabal Online: The Revolution of Action

Cabal Online: The Revolution of Action

Online action fantasy MMORPG


  • Free!
  • Fast combat
  • Visually attractive


  • Not approachable for novices
  • Fairly generic

Very good

Cabal Online is an online action role playing game. If you like fantasy worlds, this one pushes all the right buttons. If you don't, be warned!

After what is a very lengthy installation and registration process, you are taken to the character creation page. There are five types of character, like warrior or wizard, and as well as choosing your gender there's a small choice of appearance configurations to decide on.

After all this, you're popped into the world of Nevareth, which is under attack from the evil Cabal. From there you have to undertake quests and battle monsters, buy and sell items and join guilds (groups) to make your way through the Cabal story.

For novices of massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs) Cabal can be a little daunting as there is no automatic tutorial. Nevertheless, the first quest, when you find it, should introduce you to the ins and outs or MMORPGs pretty well. The player ranking/levels system is much the same as in other games of this genre - over time you gain experience, which equals points, which make you more powerful in various ways. To gain in game currency, killing wandering beasts is the best way to start off with.

Cabal is attractive to look at, and using the mouse to move and look around feels very natural. The sound effects are fine, although the soundtrack will become grating after a while! While you can play for free, Premium users get some in-game advantages.

Compared to the more famous MMORPGS, Cabal lacks some of the drama and is a little too generic in appearance to inspire you. However, it's free, the combat system is good and it's easier to play in small bites than its peers.

Cabal Online: The Revolution of Action


Cabal Online: The Revolution of Action

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